Gas & Plumbing Inspections Division

Permits must be taken out three days prior to the start of work. Fees will double if work begins prior to obtaining a permit. Plumbing and Gas Permits must be filled out on both sides in addition to:

  • Air chambers must be installed on all washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Water test or air test on all water and waste lines. Tests should be left on until inspected and approved.
  • All plumbing jobs must be performed according to Massachusetts State Plumbing and Gas Code Regulations. Any variances or discrepancies will result in an additional charge of $25 for reinspection and any subsequent inspections.
  • Duplexes, multi-family or hotels/motels, and any multi-unit construction requires a permit for each unit.

Sewer Permitting

View Online Sewer Permit Website

Gas & Plumbing Inspections Fees

Fee Description Permit Fee Additional Fixtures
Residential Structures (1 & 2 Family) $30 for 1 fixture $10 for each additional
Commercial Structures $35 for 1 fixture $12 for each additional
Hot Water Heater - Residential $35  
Hot Water Heater - Commercial $50  
Liquid Propane (L.P.) Gas Storage Tank $30  

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