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Town Manager's Office
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1610 Main Street Appraisals

The Board of Selectmen voted to release the appraisals of 1610 Main Street commissioned by the Town Manager in 2018 and 2019 in conjunction with RFP submissions offering the property to the Town for a new Council on Aging (COA) facility.

Workshop 1 - Identification of Sites for Further Study

Building on past planning efforts and identification of potential new sites to consider for further study, this meeting provided an opportunity to interactively review maps and databases in real time for discussion on identified sites or any other potential sites as requested by the Board and the general public. The Board identified a shortlist of three sites for further study:

Workshop 2 - Site Alternative Review/Selection

Following up on the Board of Selectmen's August 5, 2019 meeting and the resulting three site alternatives identified at the conclusion of Workshop 1. Workshop 2 focused on the review of site alternatives for those three sites on October 10, 2019. Two follow-up meetings on October 21, 2019, and November 4, 2019, focused on refining site alternatives and revised cost estimates, ultimately resulting in a project site selection at 1610 Main Street (privately-owned site) in West Chatham.

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