Fee Schedule

DescriptionFee AmountAdditional Information

Marriage Certificate


Bride and Groom Must Appear Together at Town Clerk's Office

Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate

$10Unipay Customer Information

Burial Permits

No Fee

Available from Town Clerk

Doing Business As (DBA) Business Certificate Filings


The signature must be notarized; valid for 4 years. Required if the business is not incorporated and the owner's full name is not included in the business name. View DBA Form (PDF)

DBA Discontinuance or Withdrawal

$15Doing Business As Form & Information Page

Dog/Cat License

$10 (Not Spayed/Neutered)

View Dog and Cat License Information (PDF)

Dog/Cat License

$6 (Spayed/Neutered)

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General Bylaws


Gasoline Storage Permit


Must be filed on or before April 30th of each year


$0.05 per page

Raffle Permit


Must be a Non-Profit Organization for at least 2 years

Town Charter

No Fee

Transient Vendor Licenses