Sewer Construction Project

Town of Chatham Collection System Construction Project


The Town of Chatham began its most recent wastewater facilities planning process in the mid 1990's and has developed a plan for implementation. This construction project is the next step in completing the implementation of the plan. 

The initial sanitary sewer (collection system) construction project is being implemented in stages:

  • Phase 1A - completed in 2012 provides sewer service along several major routes in Chatham including Main Street/Route 28, George Ryder Road, Barn Hill Road, and the Meadow View neighborhood. 
  • Phase 1B - completed in 2014 provides sewer service in the vicinity of Stage Harbor Road and Cedar Street and the upgrade of the Stage Harbor Pumping Station.   
  • Phase 1C-1 and 1C-2 - completed in 2015 and 2019 respectively provides sewer service within the Oyster Pond watershed.
  • Phase 1C 3 & 4 - completed in 2021 continues sewer service in the Oyster Pond watershed.
  • Phase 1D-1 - completed in 2021 provides a regional solution, connecting portions of East Harwich to the Chatham sewer system
  • Phase 1E -1 - completed in 2021 provides both stormwater and sewer service to portions of Stony Hill Road, Hardings Lane, Market Place and parts of George Ryder South.

In 2022, work continues with the upgrade of the Queen Anne Pumping Station (at the intersection of Queen Anne Road and Oyster Pond Furlong); the 1D-2A project which continues sewer service around Meetinghouse, Morton and Middle Road neighborhoods, and stormwater improvements that include a dry sewer along portions of Crowell Road between Lake Street and Tip Cart Drive.

Please visit the Schedule page for an update on the schedules and active detours and road closures.

Please visit the Areas of Work page to see a description of these areas.

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Due to the varying topography of Chatham, there may be properties that, although adjacent to a gravity sewer, may be required to pump to the gravity system because of the elevation of the home or septic system relative to the elevation of the road.

Every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience and impact on area businesses, residents, and the public.  The Town is asking for, and appreciates, the public’s patience and cooperation during these environmentally important projects.