Senior Center Survey

The Board of the Chatham Council on Aging is in the process of choosing a new name for the Senior Center that will more accurately reflect the depth, breadth, and range of programs and services encompassed by the Council on Aging. Click here for a review of the kinds of programs and services offered. The Board has developed a list of names for consideration and now is seeking public input on these names as well as any other that Chatham residents may wish to suggest.

If you know of someone that would like to take the survey, but doesn’t have access to take the survey online, paper surveys can be filled out at the Council on Aging, Town Offices, Town Offices Annex, Library and Community Center.

Please rank these names in order of your preference or submit a name in the space given. Thank you for your input. More to come on this exciting development!

If you are having issues taking this survey on a mobile device, tap here.

This survey will be available to take during the month of August, 2022.