What triggers Site Plan Review by the Planning Board?

No use, other than single-family dwellings and their accessory structures, approved home occupations, agricultural and fishing uses, roadside stands, and those uses permitted in the Conservancy Districts as set forth in Section IV. A of the Zoning Bylaw shall be established, erected, enlarged, or changed except in conformity with a Site Plan approved by the Planning Board.

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1. How often does the Planning Board meet?
2. What is the difference between a subdivision and an Approval Not Required (ANR) Plan?
3. How much land is required to subdivide?
4. What triggers Site Plan Review by the Planning Board?
5. How are Zoning Bylaws adopted?
6. Where can one obtain a copy of the Planning Board’s Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land, the Protective (Zoning) Bylaw, or the Zoning Map?
7. How do I get a building permit?
8. Who are the Planning Board members? Who is the Town Planner?
9. Who enforces the Zoning Bylaws?