Conservation Land Stewardship Program

Chatham Conservation PropertyTown of Chatham Conservation Division Launches Conservation Land Stewardship Program

With approximately 1,000 acres of land to care for, the Town of Chatham Conservation Division is looking for people who wish to become more involved in their public lands. Volunteers are sought for the new Conservation Land Stewardship Program which aims to engage the public and connect citizens to conservation properties. Stewards will help keep an eye on the public lands.

Each Land Steward will be assigned to a specific town-owned conservation property, for example, Training Field Triangle. Each Land Steward will be responsible for monitoring their adopted conservation property which means the steward will inspect the property at least four times a year.

During property visits, Land Stewards will document property use and site conditions by filling out a two-page report form. Some pertinent observations include illegal dumping, downed trees, trails in need of maintenance, etc.

Do you live near a conservation property and walk it regularly? Well then, you would be a perfect candidate for the Conservation Land Steward program. Land Stewards can also be a team of people from a business, scout troop, or other civic organization.

See if you live near a Town of Chatham Conservation Property and to find out more about being a Conservation Land Steward. It will be a rewarding experience!