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  1. Assessing

    Contact the Assessing Department personnel.

  2. Cemetery

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  3. Community Development

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  4. Facilities

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  5. Fire/Rescue Department

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  6. Information Technology

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  7. Parks & Recreation

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  8. Public Works

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  9. Sticker Office

    Contact the Sticker Office.

  10. Town Manager

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  1. Building Division

    Contact the Building Division personnel.

  2. Channel 18

    Contact the Channel 18 personnel.

  3. Emergency Management

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  4. Finance Department

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  5. General
  6. Natural Resources Department

    Contact the Natural Resources Department personnel.

  7. Police Department

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  8. Select Board

    Contact the Select Board.

  9. Town Clerk

    Contact the Town Clerk personnel.

  10. Treasurer / Collector

    Contact the Treasurer/Collector's Department personnel.

Railroad Museum

  1. Railroad Museum Volunteer Form

    Would you like to be part of Chatham history and meet people? Join us today as a volunteer! One or two times a season (or more) will... More…

Summer Residents Advisory Committee

  1. Summer Residents' Comment Form

    This form was specially designed to allow you to submit your comments to the Summer Residents Committee of Chatham.